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Island View Resort is located in Knife River, MN and serves the Duluth, MN cabin, resorts and lodging area. We are nestled in a large grove of white pines just 14 miles from Duluth. Our resort features beautiful views of Lake Superior.
We are located a short distance from Duluth, MN. If you are looking for cabins on Lake Superior or Duluth Resort that is secluded in a small fishing village your came to the right place. It only takes about 15 minutes to get to Duluth on the expressway and a bit longer if you take the North Shore drive, which has beautiful views of Lake Superior.


Our resort is in knife river Minnesota which is 12 miles up the shore from the Lester River Bridge which is on the near edge of Duluth.
Once you cross the Lester River Bridge there are 2 roads which can take you to knife river.

The prettiest route is taking the “northshore scenic highway 61” which takes you along the picturesque views of lake superior up the shore 12 miles to knife river.
You will know when you are coming into knife river when you go under the first railroad overpass.
Go straight about 1 / 2 mile
Our resort is 2 blocks from the knife river and you will see our “island view resort” sign on the upper side of the road.

The other route is taking the “new highway 61” 12 miles and you will cross over the knife river bridge
Then take the first right turn onto “central avenue”
Go straight about 8 blocks
You will come to a stop sign and a “t” in the road
You will be taking a left onto “northshore scenic highway 61”
Go about 2 blocks and you will see our “island view resort” sign on the upper side of the road.
Turn left up our resort driveway.