egin and end your Minnesota Boundary Waters vacation at Isalnd View Resort, located south of the town of Ely it a perfect stop before or after your adventure in the boundary waters. Grab a hot shower and enjoy the slightly more sophisticated yet rugged ammenities of Isalnd View Resort. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness offers some of the best canoeing, cross country skiing and most unspoiled wilderness in the world.

The Ely Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area – BWCA is home to the largest wilderness east of the Rockies, with over a million acres of to explore. Ely, Minnesota has the largest number of Boundary Waters entry points and the most diverse number of wilderness canoe routes. Each visit to this area is a wilderness adventure. You encounter a never ending variety of clear water lakes and enjoy nature as it happens – watch the eagles sore, listen to the call of the loon and enjoy the sunset in the Ely, Minnesota wilderness.

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