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26 Mar 2018

5 Things To Pack for a Great North Shore Vacation

There’s no place quite like the North Shore in the spring. Everything is in bloom, the birds are back and it’s finally a little warmer in our typically-chilly area.

Quite honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful times to take a trip to Duluth, Two Harbors or anywhere in the Lake Superior area. A North Shore vacation is a peaceful one.

Below are five things you should bring with you before heading to our neck of the woods for a getaway!

1. Rain gear

We get our fair share of rain in the spring, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the gorgeous outdoors! Grab a rain jacket so you can head to attractions like Split Rock Lighthouse, and if you bring some rain boots you won’t have to cancel the many trail hikes you have planned. Don’t worry; the North Shore is beautiful all the time, rain or shine!

2. Something for your “me time”

If you’re looking to do less sight-seeing in favor of some quiet time away from the craziness of every day life, don’t forget to bring a good book, a few magazines or a journal to enjoy while you sit on your cabin’s front porch and enjoy the Lake Superior view. Not much of a reader or writer? Try cross-stitching, painting, or any other technology-free hobby you’ve been meaning to take up!

3. Your selfie stick

Let’s be real; with views like ours, you’re going to need it.

4. Lots of layers

Though we’ll soon be out of the teens-to-30s temperatures that typically plague us during the winter, there’s still some chill in the air during a Minnesota spring, particularly at night. Dressing in several layers will help you keep cool while you’re active during the day or in the sun but will easily allow you to keep warm once the temp starts dropping.

5. Your binoculars

For bird watching, or even better, for ship watching! It’s officially iron ore shipping season on the North Shore, and you’ll have a front row seat if you stay at Island View Resort, with its amazing Lake Superior views. You’ll be able to see iron ore boats load pallets in Two Harbors or you can head to Duluth’s Canal Park for a walk along the boardwalk to see the ships cross under the aerial lift bridge.

Now that your bags are packed, it’s time to book your stay on the North Shore!

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21 Feb 2018
things to do in two harbors

Things To Do In Two Harbors MN

Here at Island View Resort, we truly believe we live in one of the greatest areas around. With so many amazing things to do right nearby, who could say differently?

Duluth is just a short 20-minute drive away and we’ve already shared a lot of things to do in Duluth MN, but we can’t forget about the sweet little town of Two Harbors on the other side of our cabin resort!

Two Harbors, MN is just a 10 or so minute drive up the North Shore from our cabins, and there’s plenty to do, eat and see. Below we’ve come up with a number of things to do in Two Harbors MN to keep your stay at Island View packed with fun!

Two Harbors Lighthouse

This is the oldest operating lighthouse in Minnesota and overlooks a beautiful scene: Lake Superior’s Agate Bay. Picnic on the lawn during nice days or take a tour of the inside of the lighthouse on colder or dreary days when you’re looking for something to do. Driving time: 16 minutes

Betty’s Pies

Betty’s Pies is world famous for, you guessed it, pie! The restaurant has over 20 pie flavors people travel all over the world to try, and they serve a mean breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. Take a second to enjoy the small-town diner life while overlooking Lake Superior. Driving time: 14 minutes

Agate Bay Beach

We get it: Minnesota gets its fair share of cold weather. It’s a good thing this beach is a lovely thing to do in Two Harbors no matter what time of year it is! The beach has a magnificent view of the lake as well as a long pier to walk along and plenty of Agate hunting for free souvenirs. Driving time: 15 minutes

Edna G. Tugboat

Besides having perhaps the best tugboat name ever, Edna G. is located right in Agate Bay so she’s the perfect thing to tour while you’re already in that area! Built in 1896, Edna G. faithfully worked on the Great Lakes and is now retired for daily tours. Driving time: 15 minutes

Flood Bay State Wayside

Waysides are typically pieces of land too small to be considered state parks, but the Flood Bay State Wayside still has a large piece of our hearts! We’re convinced this has the greatest beachside walk along the North Shore. Get ready to see plenty of water fowl and creatures if you venture here! Driving time: 13 minutes

Gooseberry Falls State Park

This state park is known as the gateway to the North Shore Scenic Drive which so many visitors enjoy while staying at Island View Resort. Gooseberry Falls State Park has breathtaking waterfalls famous in our corner of the world. Driving time: 20 minutes

Castle Danger Brewery

Stop by and enjoy a nice cold one at Castle Danger Brewery, which has beers, events and music for any time of year. Plus, like many other things along the North Shore, you can enjoy your brew with a view of Lake Superior! Driving time: 12 minutes


Don’t be fooled by the name; this bike shop is so much more. The Cedar Coffee Company is SpokeNGear’s sister company and is located in the same shop, so you can get lunch, local coffee and your mountain bike fixed up for a great trail ride all in one stop. Driving time: 10 minutes

Giant Chair Photos

What’s a vacation without a few cheesy photo ops? Think the Cloud Gate in Chicago or The Land sign in Cleveland that you always see people getting their selfie on in front of. Two Harbor’s version is the giant white chair located at the RJ Houle Information Center on Highway 61. Hop on with several others and get ready to smile! Driving time: 7 minutes

Large Rooster

How funky is your chicken? Is it as funky as the 10 to 12 foot tall rooster located in Two Harbors, another favorite picture for tourists? Probably not, so you should stop by. The rooster is a local legend and has flown the coop once or twice, thanks to vandals who tossed it over a bridge once. Now he stays on Highway 61 for pictures and to encourage a quick stop in Weldon’s Gift Shop. Driving time: 10 minutes.

things to do in two harbors